About Us

My list of career options never included 'photographer'. In fact, I began my career working in the medical field as an electroencephalograph technician--recording brain waves.  While very interesting, it was not very creative or appealing to my artistic side.   It was only after my husband gave me the gift of a camera that I began photographing our little boys.   Well, those little boys have long since grown and along that way, I discovered the passion to create and capture life's special moments.   I have had the privilege to create beautiful images for so many families for over the past twenty years.  And during that time, the amazing people I have met are not only treasured clients, but wonderful friends.

I have had the opportunity to study with many of the most acclaimed photographers in the nation and continue to grown is this wonderful profession as a member of Professional Photographers of America, Wisconsin Professional Photographer, and Indianhead Professional Photographers.